What is a PSW?

​A PSW is a front-line health care worker who helps people with daily tasks such as getting dressed, eating, doing exercises, getting around, and other things that help patients recover or live comfortably.

Some PSWs work in hospitals or long-term care homes, but in the home care sector, PSWs help people where they live — in their homes. A home care PSW may also assist their clients with light housekeeping duties such as washing dishes, vacuuming, or laundry. You can also choose to receive special education and focus in a single area to help those with specific ailments, such as diabetes care or dementia. Often, PSWs develop close bonds with their clients. 

But at the heart of it, a PSW is someone who is compassionate, patient, loving and kind. We care about our patients and we take pride in working in a dynamic field full of opportunity. We are the hands and heart of health care in Ontario. What we do matters. And we have room on our team for you. 

What are a PSWs responsibilities?

Responsibilities of PSWs range according to the physical and mental abilities of patients. PSWs do not create a plan of care or prescribe medication. That is what doctors and nurses do. PSWs are responsible for tending to the needs of the patient and helping improve their living conditions. The PSW’s role will vary based on the patient’s needs and the plan of care established by other healthcare professionals.


As a PSW, your main responsibility is to assist people with tasks that they can’t do on their own because of injury, illness or disability. You will give people back their confidence, pride, and sense of independence. PSWs work to make life better for their patients. PSWs work for life.  

“PSWs are there from the beginning until the end, and they do everything. Even if it’s just sitting with the resident and talking, they do that. They feed them meals, they change them, they bathe them, they promote independence.”


-Anita, PSW for 7 years

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