Why Become a PSW?

Job Security

There is a shortage of PSWs in Ontario, so work is available for you right away. Wherever you live, there are people in your community who need your help. And as our population ages, demand for PSWs will keep growing. Your skills as a PSW will be in high demand and you could have no trouble finding work for decades.

Flexible hours

Want a career that gives you a say on your schedule? In some cases, PSWs can even choose their own hours. As a PSW, you can tell your employer when you’re available to work. Want to work afternoons only? Mornings? Weekends? As a PSW, you only work when you want to. 

Fast, easy training

You can be a certified PSW in as little as 4 months. Please check out our Training Program and Resources Page to learn more about a private or public college or school board program near you. There is no provincially-mandated certificate or diploma for PSWs and courses range from 4 months to up to one year. 

Fulfilling Work

Imagine coming home from work and knowing that you didn’t just make some money —you made someone’s day. Not many jobs give you the chance to make a real difference like that, day-in and day-out. PSWs provide meaningful and compassionate care that makes a big difference in the lives of their patients.

Opportunities to Specialize

PSWs are always learning on the job. Many choose to advance their career by focusing in a certain area of care. For instance, a PSW who is particularly passionate about blindness can specialize in care for those who may be blind or visually impaired. To learn more, click  here

Making Real Connections

PSWs get to know their clients one-on-one and often establish a deep, trusting relationship.

Making a Difference

The PSWs work does not go unnoticed. PSWs are remembered and deeply appreciated by patients and their families for the important work they do. 

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Work for Life is about making sure everyone knows the opportunities available for Personal Support Workers. On this site you’ll find information on the opportunities available in the personal support industry, how easy it is to find work, and the meaningful impact you will have in people’s lives as a PSW.