Why do people become PSWs?

They want more than “just a job”

PSWs spend a lot of one-on-one time with their clients, and develop meaningful bonds. They take great satisfaction in their work because they can see immediately the positive impact they are having in the lives of others. PSWs like helping others and would rather have a meaningful career than just another “job”

They want the satisfaction of helping others

On every shift of every day, PSWs help others live their best life possible. This leads to deep social connections and feelings of job satisfaction and fulfillment.

They want a stable career

Personal Support Work is a growing profession, with demand projected to increase every year going forward. In addition, as a result of the pandemic there is a newfound and growing appreciation for the work PSWs do to keep people healthy and keep the health system running. PSWs are guaranteed stability because they are in such high demand. 


PSWs want flexible hours

PSWs enjoy a great deal of flexibility when it comes to choosing the hours they want to work. A PSW can work full time, part time, whatever they like. This is why many students or people who work part time in other fields also work as a PSW: it gives you the flexibility to live your life. 

They want the opportunity to work in diverse environments

A PSW can work in a hospital, long-term care home, private residence or community setting. Some PSWs really enjoy being able to visit people in their own homes, which really puts the Personal in Personal Support Work. Others enjoy the faster paced, team setting of a hospital, and others like working with the elderly and so prefer to work in a long-term care home. As a PSW, it is up to you where you work.